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I’ve been asked time and time again what it is that I love about travel. Why do I take these insane solo trips? Why do I feel the need to take such long trips?

In this post, I’ll tell you all the reasons why I love traveling and in return, I hope to inspire some of you to take on adventures that may even change the trajectory of your life, how it did mine.

So here they are, the reasons why I love to travel:


Experiencing something unfamiliar and learning from it brings me thrill. Seeing the world is educational in itself. It not only provides a refresher that many seek when on vacation but it allows you to get to know a completely different culture.

It allows us to get to know parts of the world we never knew. We’re able to gain awareness of new cultures, customs, people, places and ideas we may have never known existed.

We’re able to experience learning about the world in real life and not just the books or videos we read and see them in. There is nothing like learning through travel and having that hands-on experience we all crave.


Sometimes when you’re living a life of routine you can easily forget how blessed you are. Getting away and exploring another world can make you appreciate how lucky you are for the home you have, for the country you live in, for the life you’re living.

I remember traveling for almost an entire month back in November of 2018 and when I got back I can remember saying to myself, “There truly is no place like home!”


Traveling helps expand my mind. I realized while traveling that there isn’t really one way to live life. We all dictate our own lives and how we choose to live it.

Meeting other people from around the world helps you see that there are so many different perspectives and ways of living. You truly won’t be able to see how different life is in another place until you go see that for yourself.

You may even discover new ideas you hadn’t thought of before. You may discover new things about yourself you never knew were possible by simply traveling.

By being exposed to new places, people, and cultures, you’ll be able to see life in a different light. You’ll be able to expand your worldview.


Wandering the world gives you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and your life. When I solo traveled to Thailand it gave me the chance to dive into days on my own and discover how to solve the day’s issues.

I was in my own thoughts constantly and that provided me with the time and space to get to know myself on a deeper level. What better way to get to know yourself than through the life-changing experience of traveling.


I’m constantly seeking adventure whether that’s through a business venture I want to pursue, my partner, a hobby, and most importantly a travel destination.

Conquering a new destination is invigorating. By nature, humans crave new experiences and by discovering and traveling to new places we allow ourselves to tap into that craving.

When traveling were able to do something different and exciting, something that you’re not able to do at home. We can go hike a beautiful mountain in Peru or go scuba diving in Aruba. Maybe we uncover art in France or love for food in Italy.

Wherever you are you can always seek adventure and fun. You can always dive into something new and the best part is you’ll be able to always take these memories with you.

So, there you have it! Those are the reasons I truly love to travel. I hope that reading this post has inspired some of you to travel the world and discover it. It’s important not only to have fun but also for self-discovery. So book that trip and make the world yours!

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