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Known for its historical architecture, Philly is definitely one of those places that I would advise you go with ample time because there is so much to see, eat, drink and do! It was a hot summer day and four of us (picture above, cute ain’t we?) decided it would be nice to go explore this historic city for the day. Only a two-hour drive from home (we’re jersey kids) it seemed like a nice getaway and that it was my friends. Let’s start this, shall we?

Morgan Pier

Overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (told ya it’s historic) this pier can do no wrong. They have amazing bar food and beers for days. With views like that how can you not stop bye and indulge.

Liberty Bell

Okay, so we didn’t actually go into the Liberty Bell because the line was INSANE and the mood was not to roast in the sun all day. I am however mentioning this because we had every intention of going and to warn you that if you are making this trip to go see the Liberty Bell make plans to be on that line for a very long time. Don’t get discouraged though, we just had a different type of vibe in mind. And if you’re in the same state of mind as us I suggest you still go and walk around because the historical architecture is unbelievable!

Independence Beer Garden

Right across the Liberty Bell was a beautiful beer garden which I suggest you make the time for. The cocktails eh, but I mean who goes to a beer garden for cocktails anyway? I loaded myself up with all types of beers and their selections didn’t disappoint. This junglesque escape was one for the books and I recommend you make it yours also.

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

I mean who can resist a rooftop? No one, that’s who. Since it was rooftop season than rooftop we must, and we did. We only went for a cocktail and it was AH-MAZE-ING. How every rooftop adventure should begin and end. My friend Benyi recommended this place and said the food was great so if you’re in Philly go give it a try and treat yo’ self to some amazing food and cocktails that won’t disappoint!

Tio Flores

Din’ din’ was served when we stepped into Tio Flores. Taco heaven is more like it! With an amazing menu and a romantic ambiance this is a place I recommend for groups of friends and couples. If you go into a taco place trying their margaritas is a must and of course that we did. I had their steak tacos with a margarita on the side and well let’s just say we all left pretty happy with the decision we made that night.

The Ranstead Room

Anywhere I go speakeasies are a must! We had heard about The Ranstead Room and decided that this was the perfect place for a cocktails after taco heaven. You may get lost since this place is in a hidden alley way - if you do ask around like we did someone will direct you to Speakeasy Way. The cocktail selection and ambiance were one for the books and something you should definitely try to experience before leaving this city.

Brasil's Nightclub

Clearly after all the drinks we had we were ready to dance! Latin night was the type of vibras we were looking for and that we found. Con la hookah en mano and Latin music all night we danced our hearts away at this gem we found. If you’re in the mood to dance I recommend you make your way to Brasil's Nightclub.

South Philly Barbacoa

The next day before we left we went to try thee famous tacos at South Philly Barbacoa. My personal opinion about these tacos … their no bueno. None of us thought they were good actually. I'm not sure why everyone is such a fan of these tacos but nothing about them made me happy. I don’t want to go into detail because we're all different and you may think differently but I wouldn’t recommend this place. You can certainly go try them yourself and let me know what you think once you’ve had them.

Our one day in Philly was adventurous to say the least and imagine what we could’ve done had we stayed longer! Here are a few things we didn’t do but I do recommend you try to do if you’re in town for more than a day:

Magical Garden

Bar Bombon (Vegan Latin Cuisine)

Stratus Rooftop Lounge

Bok Bar

The Library Bar

Get a Philly cheesesteak

Walk on South Street – it’s full of bars and restaurants

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