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The spring season finally started and because the entire world is in quarantine finding ways to start the season right might seem a bit difficult. It’s time that as citizens of this planet we find ways to become better people through awareness especially in this insane time in our lives.

Although we’re stuck at home here are a few ways that you can refresh and become a better you this spring season:


This doesn’t necessarily mean your body but also your space. Where do you spend the most time? Is your closet a hot mess and need to get rid of the old to make room for the new? Is your kitchen your favorite place to be but it looks like a tornado hit it?

Now that we have much more time make the time to cleanse yourself and the spaces you occupy so once this insanity is over you can start the season fresh.


Obviously right now you can’t keep commitments because of our situation but in your daily life, are you bad at keeping your commitments and/or appointments with others? It’s time to change that. I’ve been guilty of that myself and I decided to change it.

Yes, things get in the way of life sometimes and we can’t prevent that but make a deal with yourself and with others that you will keep your commitments. It’s never a good look when you don’t.

Lack of committing to things shows the type of person you’re choosing to be, the slacker. Don’t be that person. Have people see you as someone they can depend on even if it’s just a silly coffee date.


We all do it. Sometimes with intention and sometimes without but when you catch yourself the goal is to try and steer away from judging.

Judging others doesn’t do any good. Jealousy and envy isn’t a good look my friend. We spend endless hours worrying about the way others lead their lives when instead we should be looking at ourselves and growing from our own mistakes.

This spring season try judging less and worrying more about you. Keep busy. When you do you’ll begin to realize that you won’t even have any time to judge others and what they’re doing.


When I think spring I think the growing of beautiful flowers and leaves. I think about the change in temperature. I think about new wardrobe. New colors. New life.

Be open to change and if this is difficult for you, then start with something as small as a food that you eat too often and you know is bad for you.

Start with a 15-minute walk a day. Start by drinking that one glass of water in the morning.

Change should never be drastic because most of the time we somehow end up falling short but be open to it. Let the season bring you something new and beautiful.

Start small and let change become natural this new season.


I know you probably hear this a lot but it’s something I had to add on here as a reminder. LET GO! Let go of that shitty relationship you’re in. Let go of that toxic friendship. Let go of that job that keeps you in a stagnant and unhappy place. Let go of that negativity in your life.

Let go because the only person being affected by holding on is you. The spring is here and I find no better way to start it then by letting go of all the baggage you’re carrying.

Let go so you can finally breathe.


I personally struggle with this one the most. I’m still learning how to say no to things I don’t want to do. I’m not sure if it’s the guilt I feel when disappointing the other person with my no but saying it is so difficult for me.

This spring season I plan on incorporating more of this to keep myself sane and try to maintain balance in my life.

Learning how to say no is a nice way of setting boundaries with people and most importantly with yourself. Find a way to incorporate that this spring to become a better and more sane you.


I can’t say this enough. Self-care is the best care and it is not selfish whatsoever. We’re humans we need a break sometimes. Sometimes we need days alone and that’s okay.

Even if your life is super hectic find ways to take care of yourself. If you need to wake up 30-minutes earlier to do it, then wake up!

Laziness and tiredness is not an excuse (sorry, not sorry). I know plenty of people who, despite their crazy days, find the time to do something they love.

Drink a tea in silence. Listen to the vinyl. Go for that run. Drink water. Meditate. Journal.

Stop finding excuses for why you don’t come first. Make a commitment to yourself this season that you matter and you’re going to show up and demonstrate that to yourself.

Spring is finally here and I know we’re going through difficult times but keep yourself and your mind busy by working on ways that you can come out strong from this. Help the world by helping yourself.

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