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If you’re here reading this blog post, it’s probably because you’ve thought about but haven’t gone to Complexcon before. Maybe you’re here reading this because you have no clue what it is and it sounded interesting enough. For those of you who are new to this Complexcon thing and what it is here’s the general outline:

  • It’s Complex’s website, magazine and video operation rolled up into a two-day festival

  • It’s held in different parts of the United States

  • It brings together pop culture, art, food, style, sports, music and much more

  • It consists of panels with discussions about pop culture and what that means in today's world.

  • Live performances throughout the two-day festival

Here you’ll get the scoop on what Complexcon Chicago was like, what to expect and the do’s and dont’s of this shindig.

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I truly believe that so for the sake of saving you time here are pictures of my experience at Complexcon. Fun, right? See, I wasn’t wrong when I told you that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now to the informative part of the blog, the do’s and dont’s of Complexcon:


  • Take comfortable sneakers as you’ll be walking all day

  • Download the Complexcon App a few days before to reserve your place for panels and be informed about times of performances, etc.

  • Map out with your friends an itinerary of what panels and performances you want to see as there are A LOT and might not be able to get to all

  • Take extra cash to buy merch

  • Merch – Expect to wait on lines for at least an hour depending on what clothing brand booth you’re looking to buy from. I recommend you and your friends split up and grab the merch you want so shopping doesn’t consume your entire day.

  • Make the line for panels at least one hour before so you’re able to get good seats and guarantee entrance

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Have fun! Everyone is there to have fun so talk to people. Remember that everyone is just as excited as you are to be there! If you’re on the line waiting for something just turn to someone and ask, “what are you most excited for?” Meet people and know that everyone is there because of the same interests as you and next time you see them walking around you’ll now have a Complexcon friend.


  • Don't forget to bring your wristband for entrance. It’s important to note that if forgotten they will charge you full price

  • Do not make the wristband too tight as you will be wearing it for two days

  • Don’t record every single thing, experience them instead and later be able to discuss them with people

  • Don’t bother celebrities – you’ll see many walking around but they’re there enjoying the event as much as you are – don’t be “that guy”

  • Don’t show up to the line for a panel 10 minutes before it begins and expect a good seat or entrance at all. These panels get packed and quick.

I knew when writing this blog post that I wanted to be as informative as possible but in a way that would encourage, you, the reader to be enthusiastic about being prepared for an event like this. I hope this guide and pictures give you a better idea of what’s to come. Remember, enjoy the ride and have fun at your first Complexcon!

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