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Ah, mi Colombia, mi Tierra Hermosa! For all of you who don't know the translation, this means my beautiful land. Vacationing in Colombia will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Why? Well for one and in case you didn't know were ranked one of the happiest countries in the world. Another reason? The exchange rate is out of this world and everything in Colombia is super cheap and we all know when traveling we like to save a buck or two. Third? Well, why not? If you've never been go explore something new.

The real reason for my traveling to Colombia was to go to a wedding of two dear friends of mine, Gil & Jessica Mercado and since we couldn’t just go to Colombia for three days, a few of us decided to make a trip of it. This wedding was in Pereira, Colombia so for the first 3 days of my trip this is where I was and well, it was pure magic. Huge shout out to Gil & Jessica for throwing such a beautiful, amazing, elegant and insane celebration. Below you’ll see pictures of the magical occasion but I won’t be able to share much more about this part of Colombia, not yet at least.


I know we’ve all heard of Medellin, Colombia and if you haven’t well that’s what I’m here for. I went with three amazing people to visit my beautiful city and I must say it has been one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Shout out to my brother Diego and my friends David and Jordams for making this trip extremely memorable. I’m going to dive right in a give you the scoop on where you should stay and what you should do in one of the happiest countries in the world, you ready? Good because I am! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Medellin.

Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is located right in the center of Poblado. This is where you’ll find all the restaurants, bars, clubs, yoga classes, shopping, you name it they’ll have it. I highly recommend you get a hotel or Airbnb here because it’s easy to get around and it’s in the center of everything you could possibly need AKA you can save a lot of money on taxi fares. Here are a few places I recommend you visit:


This awesome breakfast/lunch place has a décor that will leave you in awe and feeling like you’re in the middle of a beautiful garden. What I loved about this place is their healthy styled menu and amazing coffee. This restaurant is attached to a boutique hotel incase you decide you’d want to book a room there.


Who doesn’t love a good rooftop? With its jungle feels you definitely want to go grab a cocktail at Panorama. They also have a great dinner menu that you may want to check out. I do want to give a fair warning that the service, well, not so great but it is worth going for a cocktail.


Yum, yum and yum! This place is fantastic and the design of the space will not steer you the wrong way. Whether for brunch or dinner I highly recommend going here and enjoying an amazing cocktail.


Do you see this picture? Need I say more? The food here is unbelievable. Their serving portions are insane so beware you will leave extremely full!


Another rooftop that might blow you away. I went for dinner and their food was great along with their cocktails. They also have a lot of day brunching events so make sure you catch one of those because unfortunately I couldn’t. Let me know if you do! I want to hear all about it.

Aside from these places in Parque Lleras there are really cool things to do all over Medellin. I did a few and highly recommend them to anyone who loves seeing the culture of other countries first hand.

MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin):

I’m a sucker for art exhibits so it only felt right to see what type of art Colombia provided and it didn’t fall short from amazing. The artists out here provide such a different feel and interpretation of art it was amazing to see. Go walk around and get ready to take dope pictures.


This is something I want everyone to do with no excuses. This is a FREE tour of all the graffiti in a neighborhood called well yeah you guessed it Comuna 13. This neighborhood was notoriously known for its drug and gang wars but over the years has become a symbol of hope and change. Walking these streets, you’ll really get a sense of how people live in Colombia and the tour guides do an amazing job at explaining the history of La Comuna 13. Looking to get a rich experience of what this country is all about? Go to La Comuna 13 tour. Also, please make sure you take cash because the tour guides do live off the tips you provide at the end (don’t be a cheap-o).

La Piedra Del Penol

La Piedra Del Penol is a famous rock known for its incredible views. Here you’ll have to hike up 714 steps to be exact before reaching the top. Once there you’ll be able to refresh your soul with some amazing beer (trust me you’ll need it). Please beware the hike up is no joke so take a lot of water and take breaks when needed. I consider myself as being “in shape” and it was a tough hike for me. However, don’t let that discourage you, let the final destination motivate you because I can’t express enough how breathtaking the views are.


After hiking back down from La Piedra Del Penol I recommend you take the 15 minute drive to Guatape. This small and colorful town is known for its vibrant colors and shopping! They have great restaurants and dope art. We were able to do a boat tour of the underwater town of Old El Penol which takes you to see the houses of people like Pablo Escobar, James Rodriguez and David Ospina. It was nice to hear the history of this area from a local so if interested I would definitely recommend you check this out.


If you have time in Medellin, I recommend that you rent a Finca aka an Estate. If you see the pictures above this is basically a huge villa that you can rent for a really reasonable price out in different areas of Medellin. I would highly recommend doing this to get a rich experience of what people do out here. Plus, who doesn’t want to stay in luxury on a vacation, am I right?


Things I missed but hope you do in Colombia:

Club Amador (House music club)

Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden

Horseback Riding

Ride the Metrocable

Mayorca Mega Plaza (Mall)

Coffee Farm Tour

Colombia is such a vibrant city with beautiful energy all around. I really hope that I inspired you to go visit this unbelievable country. I also hope to hear stories of what your trip to Medellin was like. If you have any questions about traveling to this beautiful country don’t hesitate to email me at nataly@natchills.com. I hope your experience in Colombia is as rich and beautiful as mine was.

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