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Dear World,

I know we’re going through some very difficult times. I know that there is fear in all of us. I know that panic is taking over our lives and for good reason.

We’re all going through a time of uncertainty. Seriously. We’re scared. We’re afraid of the unknown and what will happen in the midst of all this chaos.

Now, more than ever, we need each other. We need to love, respect and care for one another. Let’s fight this virus, together. Let’s come out on top, together. Let’s make this planet better, together.

This is a letter to the world, to get well soon.

A letter to tell the world that Mother Earth is telling us to WAKE UP. To realize that we're hurting her. That as a collective we need to raise our consciousness and think about how we can grow from this.

I know how difficult it is to take care of ourselves during a time like this but I beg you, please find it. Find sanity. Find self-love and appreciation. Find time for your mental and physical health.

Cleanse yourself from the media. Cleanse yourself from the worry, from the panic. Know that the world will get well soon. It always does. We always fight back. We always win. Why? Because good always wins.

Despite what others believe, good truly does always win. We will come out stronger, more aware, appreciative, and more united than ever.

For now, let’s cleanse. Sage your space. Pray. Take baths. Read. Dance. Do yoga. Paint. Meditate. Journal. Write. Drink Water. Create. Laugh. Smile.

Just know that we’re all in this together and that’s how we’ll come out, together. Have faith because, without it, we’re lost.

Sending All My Love,


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