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Never in a million years did I think I’d visit Bolivia. It just wasn’t a country that necessarily piqued my interest but now that I’ve seen and conquered a bit it’s definitely a destination I’d recommend to people.

Fun fact, Bolivia is one of the least visited countries in South America and after going I’m really not sure why. This country is full of so much unbelievable tradition and the pride they take in these traditions is beautiful to see first hand.

If you’re into nature, hikes, and views this country is definitely for you. I’ve completely fallen in love with Bolivia and here are the 7 reasons why:


Before coming to Bolivia I tried asking a few people what their traditional dish was but had no luck in finding out. After being there for three weeks I now realize that it’s because they have so many different little things that they consider traditional.

Every time I got something new to try it was orgasmic, I couldn’t believe how organic all the food was. I do recommend that the first day or two you eat light foods such as rice, veggies, etc. Why? Because the transition to such organic food can upset your stomach so it’s always nice to start light. Here are a few of the things I suggest you try while in Bolivia:

  • Marraqueta - A crispy bread made out of flour, salt, water and yeast

  • Llajua - A spicy salsa served with all meals

  • Salteña - A Bolivian empanada that is filled with beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. It is both sweet and salty and you can add jalapeños for some spice. The Salteña is typically eaten for breakfast.

  • Silpancho - A traditional dish that includes: Breaded steak, potatoes, rice, and fried eggs. Since I don’t eat meat I was able to try this dish at a vegan restaurant called Lupito’s which I highly recommend to everyone.

  • Sandwich De Palta - In Bolivia Palta means avocado so naturally, this sandwich is made up of Avocado, cheese, and sweet roasted tomatoes. This dish can typically be found at a cafe as a small dish.

  • Api Morado aka Api - A traditional warm drink made out of purple corn, cinnamon, water, and sugar. Typically eaten with cheese empanadas.


I was blown away by this city because of the art, it’s everywhere! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that you find art at every turn in La Paz. It was surprising and beautiful to see how art has become part of this culture.

They even have art in their teleferico (cable car) stations! Go to La Paz, take a walk, and soak in all the beautiful art it has to offer.


You’ll never have to walk far to enjoy the mountain views in Bolivia. You can walk out of your hotel in the middle of La Paz and see mountains on mountains on more mountains.

It gave me a sense of peace and tranquility getting lost with these views. It was something I enjoyed and appreciated because it’s rare to see things like this in the middle of New Jersey. If you’re looking for a nature-filled place to travel, Bolivia is the place to do just that.


The coffee shops in La Paz are out of this world! So trendy and cozy, they reminded me of coffee shops in NYC and Brooklyn. I loved the minimalistic looks that they all had and the actual coffee? Well, let’s just say I had more than just one cup of coffee because it was fantastic.

Here are a few coffee shops that I recommend whenever you’re in La Paz:

  • Cafe Typica

  • Cafeteria Irupana (pictured above)

  • Vainilla Coffee Company

  • The Writers Coffee

  • Cafe Del Mundo

  • Higher Ground


I think when traveling we all want to make it as affordable as possible and if you travel to Bolivia you’ll be able to keep a pretty solid budget. I name this as one of my favorite things about Bolivia because one U.S dollar is equal to 7 Bolivianos which equals a lot of money to be spent in Bolivia. Who doesn’t like a nice conversion rate, am I right?


All I have to say is take El Teleferico everywhere you go for 2.50 Bolivianos. This is basically a cable car that takes you all throughout La Paz. You’re able to oversee all the mountains and at night it looks even better with all the lit-up homes.

You can also take a taxi which you can find pretty much anywhere in La Paz and if you’re traveling within the town you’ll pay 10 Bolivianos ($1.25 U.S Dollars) and if outside town it would be 15 Bolivianos ($2.25 U.S Dollars). It truly doesn’t get better than that.

Avoid renting a car at all costs in Bolivia the way people drive is completely insane. Stop signs don’t even exist! Let the experts take you to from point A to point B and avoid the headache.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cleaner country. I was shocked at how well maintained this country is. As a community, they take care of their streets and even have people working around the clock (24/7) cleaning every block of La Paz.

They’re even beginning to use less plastic in order to take care of the environment. I was astonished at how a third world country can be advanced in so many ways.

There you have it ladies and gents, the 7 reasons why I fell in Bolivia and I know you will too. Please feel free to contact me if you need further recommendations, I’m always happy to help!

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